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Russell & Lin Jones present...


Russell Jones breaking through 18”of concrete with 1 crushing blow. This is the Wall of Negative that affects each and every one of us!


<<As you can already guess, our website is getting a major renovation- but all of the information is good. Thanks for your patience :D>>


Giving Hope & Encouragement to Young People & their Families to Make Great Decisions so they can keep moving their Lives in a Positive Direction.

We are the authors of the BESTSELLING ‘Top Secrets of Success…4 Kids’--- The best resource in the marketplace to successfully navigate kids and parents through the most difficult years.

Inspiration, Motivation, Self- Esteem and Character Building!


“Every family in America should have a copy of ‘Top Secrets of Success... 4 Kids’. The book flows from one important truth to the next... and it’s fun. I’ve seen Russell and Lin speak and they have a mesmerizing effect on their audience... their message comes from the heart. Just like they do ‘live’, they do in ‘Top Secrets’... they empower kids and parents. Get it.”
Dr. Rob Gilbert, editor, Bits and Pieces Magazine, Nationally Renowned Expert in Sport Psychology, PhD, Associate Professor, Montclair State University, NJ

"This book is a great tool to help our children carve out their future... for they are truly our future. A must read..."
Rich Ruffalo, Walt Disney and McDonald's Outstanding Teacher of the Year and Outstanding Athletic Coach of the Year 1995

“I think the book is great! It contains in its words a foundation of wisdom and powerful principles essential for the building of any young persons’ character and future achievement. I think it is a must read for a young person who wants to create a successful life from the inside out.”
Cory Booker, City of Newark, NJ, Mayor

The book comes Alive with our in-person Presentations in Schools that Motivate and truly Inspire young people to be their Best.

As a strength athlete, the audience ‘experiences’ my struggles and challenges and in so doing are ‘empowered’ to work through their own (struggles and challenges) in a positive way.

Audiences get very excited during a Power Workshop presentation in 3 ways:

1- Finely crafted storytelling that re-enforces the message…

2- Dynamic Feats of Strength that force US to put it all on the line so that we connect with YOU on a whole other level…

3- Interaction with the audience that makes the message very REAL…

Call NOW 973.983.9607 so that we can discuss your particular needs and ways that we can fill them…



Live Action Video!

Just a look back to our humble beginnings- the hair and pants say it all :). Trying to make a positive difference in the lives of young people-- still. Original music by Mike Deasy!


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“Every year I search for ways to inspire staff and, most assuredly, the children to be all they can be. It was my hope that your assembly/ workshop would be uplifting and affirming. I was not disappointed. Your sincerity and integrity exuded throughout thechildren’s assembly and the parent workshop. Truly your goal to inspire and motivate was achieved. I certainly hope we can utilize your extensive talents in the future to solidify our students’ resolve to do their best. Thank you for helping our students and staff build dreams.” Don Bochicchio, Principal, Waretown (NJ) School

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Counteract all the bad news in our culture. Regularly, pump yourself up with thought-provoking information that you can immediately apply in your day-to-day life.

Let Russell Jones and his 1st Class Network of Experts speak to your needs on a variety of topics including:

  • Positive mental attitude tips, hints and reminders
  • Exercise secrets that I've learned over the last 33 years
  • Nutrition secrets that I've learned since 1953
  • Supplements that everyone should use
  • Family and relationship anchor points that we all need to be reminded of regularly
  • Special introductions that will avail you to a truly eclectic selection of services and products
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