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Top Secrets of Success… 4 Kids


Dear Friend,

“I think the book is great! It contains in its words a foundation of wisdom and powerful principles essential for the building of any young persons’ character and future achievement. I think it is a must read for a young person who wants to create a successful life from the inside out.”
Cory Booker, City of Newark, NJ, Mayor

Get ready! As a dad, I have agonized about how to stay close to my children as they pass through that critical part of growing up called adolescence. The world is a whole lot different now than it was when we were kids. It’s scary! One thing I know for sure is that even though technology and the world change every day, there is one thing that stays the same... human nature. The successful principals of life and parenting remain constant. As long as we can determine these principals and blend them into our lives, we can rest in knowing that we have been great parents.

For you, Mom and Dad, Top Secrets of Success… 4 Kids is part of the solution. Screening what your children watch and listen to, building trust, keeping them active, quality food, exercise, consistent discipline, associating with good people, encouragement and you being a positive role model are all components of a comprehensive parenting program.

"This book is a great tool to help our children carve out their future... for they are truly our future. A must read..."
Rich Ruffalo, Walt Disney and McDonald's Outstanding Teacher of the Year and Outstanding Athletic Coach of the Year 1995

Avoid the failure diseases- procrastination, excusitis, and detailitis. If you will commit just 5 minutes a day until Top Secrets of Success… 4 Kids is finished, I promise that great things will begin to happen for you and your child. This is an action manual. What you put in, you get out. Let’s get started.

My heart’s desire is that you realize that great parenting is a continual growth process. Will this process guarantee that your child will have a perfect, problem-free life? No. But in the long run, they will return to the rock-solid foundation that you have given them.

Russell and Lin Jones...
Master Teachers of Success Secrets that every Child should learn and every Parent should teach!!!

Holiday SALE- $19.95 Includes the Book & DVD with 'live' footage from our highly acclaimed Power Workshops!

“Every family in America should have a copy of ‘Top Secrets of Success... 4 Kids’. The book flows from one important truth to the next... and it’s fun. I’ve seen Russell and Lin speak and they have a mesmerizing effect on their audience... their message comes from the heart. Just like they do ‘live’, they do in ‘Top Secrets’... they empower kids and parents. Get it.”
Dr. Rob Gilbert, editor, Bits and Pieces Magazine

‘Top Secrets of Success... 4 Kids’
*Raise the level of credibility that parents have with their kids
*Quality time with your family
*Secrets that every kid should know... and every parent should teach.
*Fully illustrated, step-by-step plan to help get young people from where they are to where they want to be.
*Exciting, life-changing, and timeless messages for all ages.

Just Look at the Chapter Headings!!!
* Dreaming Big Dreams- Why are you here? Developing your vision. Every great person was once a kid.

*Grandma’s Hot Water Bottle- Setting specific measurable goals. How do you eat an elephant? What’s a mentor and do I need one? Persisting through resistance. Plugging into group synergy.

*The Wall of Negative- What keeps people from doing their best? Naming the bricks in your wall... laziness, fear, guilt, bad attitude, etc. Building bridges, breaking walls. Breaking through your wall. Developing faith and belief.

*The Red Dragon- The little voice of self-doubt and negativity. Getting the red dragon off your back. How do I know if someone else has a dragon? Who to hang with.

*Appendix a- World's Greatest Student- you don't need to be a rocket scientist to be a super student. 3 simple steps to becoming a great student (note: simple is not always easy).

To make this entire process even more exciting, we’re including a DVD which shows many of the Feats of Strength from BESTSELLER 'Top Secrets of Success… 4 Kids' that the whole family can enjoy together and it also has a Special Word of Encouragement for Parents!!!

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Since Top Secrets of Success… 4 Kids is geared for parents and kids to work on together, the style is very cool. The Top Secrets of Success… 4 Kids is not to be read like a novel. Over 40 illustrations, that help the readers visualize each message, will be throughout. After the daily text, a positive affirmation is included for the reader to record in a special place. Affirmations are read out loud for 21 days in a row. The effect is that the message will be remembered for a long time. Kids will see, speak and hear the message. There are even points in the book where the readers get physically involved. In addition, every message will have 24 hours to sink in.

This is a Must Have for YOUR Family Library!!!

“Hey Russell and Lin, this is Nancy Dreher (RN and mother of 2, Hopatcong, NJ). I know that it’s 7:15 in the morning but I was excited and just wanted to call and tell you how impressed I am with the book. It’s very moving... just Wow. I’ll talk to you soon.”

Inspiring!, March 11, 2003
Reviewer: A reader

Did you ever have a problem of communicating "do the right thing- for the right reason" to a child? What do you think would happen if your child would sit down and read a book and share the ideas with you that are discussed in the book?
Russell and Lin Jones' have the uncanny ability to "connect."
Their simple approach should not be considered "simplistic.” They obviously have a knack of telling real life stories that are appealing to the young reader. And, probably more importantly their stories have a point that strikes right to the struggles of most young people.
Then if that is not enough the authors challenge the youthful reader. If they have been touched by the words in this book and they want to apply some of what they have learned the authors ask the reader to "pledge" their commitment to be themselves -- to grow and enjoy life. What a neat message. What a neat book! This is probably the only book my two children have read and reread! Now that's saying something about the book!

Just $29.95! Holiday SALE- $19.95 includes the Book & DVD with 'live' footage from our highly acclaimed Power Workshops!

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